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  • Whole-Body Energy Recalibration
    30 min
  • Release Trapped Emotions, Reclaim Your Life
    30 min
  • Removing emotional trauma from all lifetimes.
    30 min
  • Channeled messages from Spirit for clarity and empowerment.
    30 min

LOVE from my clients

My unhurried sessions with Amanda are an amazing “emotional cleansing “.

Your stressed mind and aching body will thank you.

Linda H

Thank you, Amanda, for the healing work you guided me in. Your caring and warm personality made me

feel safe. I was then able to relax and let you do your healing magic and it was wonderful!

Jill G

I had the pleasure to discover the benefits of an Emotion Code Session with Amanda.  I truly did not know

what to expect but had complete faith in the process as I had seen others benefit from their time with her. 

During our time I found myself feeling a wide range of emotions all ending in the one very defined emotion of "happy".  After the session I found that I laughed often, felt very happy and relaxed.  It was a wonderful and somewhat surprising feeling which I enjoyed completely and attribute to my time with Amanda. 

Pam R

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